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Celebrating Black History Month: An Interview with Raecene Collins

In honor of Black History Month, 6° Media would like to introduce you to a fantastic marketing professional, Raecene Collins. Today, we will be sharing our interview with her showcasing her journey in the social media industry and honoring her experience as a Black professional in Marketing. We thank her for taking the time to meet with us and discuss her professional background.

Raecene Collins

Raecene is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She obtained a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science with an emphasis in Non-Profit Management, Marketing, Hospitality Management, and English, along with a minor in Public Relations. She is a native of San Antonio, TX but now resides in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. She is an inventive and resourceful individual with diversified experience in public relations, marketing, and non-profits. When she saw social media taking off and becoming a need for all businesses, she sharpened her skills and entered the booming industry, quickly becoming a social media expert.

Over the years, Raecene has consulted for clients in the health and beauty, media, and non-profit industries. She was also the Social Media Campaign Manager for Heather Wilson-Ross, D Magazine’s 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2012 finalist. She believes that using her passions to help clients achieve their goals will also help her achieve her aspirations.

Raecene enjoys reading, catching up on her favorite TV shows, and hosting gatherings for friends and family in her free time. Also, she loves brunch so much that she documents her foodie adventures every week on @sweetandsavoryblog on Instagram.


What (or who) inspired you to pursue social media as a profession?

I fell into social media. After the initial internship I had set up in college fell through at the last minute, I was desperately searching for a replacement internship. Luckily, I came across a digital marketing agency looking for a social media intern.

It was 2012, and very early on in B2B social media. Businesses were starting to see the benefits of adding social media to their marketing mix. But it was a natural fit for me.

I completely fell in love with the industry; I ended up changing my career focus from public relations to social media.

I love that it’s a new industry, full of mystery and opportunity. It’s still so new; we have the power to create what it does now and how it will look like in the future. We get to forge our own path and enjoy the journey along the way.

There are so many businesses that still do not have social media to this day. So, there are a lot of opportunities to really grow, not only for businesses but for yourself as well. And I had done a little bit of social media for the organizations that I was a part of. So I had some familiarity with how some of the social media platforms worked.

What are some of the challenges you faced in pursuing your career? And how did you remedy them?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is showing my capabilities and skillset to others who may not be as ingrained in the industry. With social media being such a new industry, the person interviewing you or consulting with you may have limited knowledge.

Other times, individuals in the company don’t take social media seriously or see the enormous benefits. This can cause issues with getting the tools you need to move the business forward.

The next biggest challenge is keeping on top of ever-changing technology. Everything is changing so much. The algorithms change, there are new social platforms, and it can also be pretty challenging to keep up with the trends.

Finally, you have to be a one-person team a lot of the time. It does depend on the size of the company. Some companies have more prominent social media teams, but more times than not, you will have to figure out how to navigate the entire social spectrum by yourself.

You are the strategist, graphic designer, public relations, copywriter, news announcer, planner, trendsetter, community relationship manager, and analyst. Another challenge is interviewing and trying to break into the industry.

What does Black History Month represent to you?

I think Black History Month represents an opportunity to focus on the achievements and sacrifices of our ancestors -- those that are still here, and those that are no longer with us. It gives us time to honor them and honor the things that they’ve done.

It also gives us a moment to look forward to the future and honor those presently making strides in the community. It’s a chance to uplift them while utilizing stories or moments from the past to propel us into the future.

What is your advice to younger black women and men interested in your line of work?

My advice would be to embrace the journey, no matter what it looks like.

Sometimes, you have no idea how things will turn out or how your career will go. Things happen, Layoffs happen, companies shut down. I’ve had three different layoffs in my career, but that didn’t stop me. Each time, I have been able to pivot and make things happen.

I know that it’s easy to get caught up in the way you think things should go but try to be open to things not going the way you thought.

In general, marketing positions are one of the first to get cut when a company is struggling. So, you’ve got to be prepared to pivot at any moment.

The second piece of advice is to be prepared for whatever happens, especially when it comes to your career. Make sure your resume is constantly updated, your files are saved, your portfolio is on deck, and you are consistently working on your personal brand. You never know when an opportunity will come knocking.


We support causes with actions, not just words.

Our BHM Commitment

In support of Black History Month, 6° Media donated to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. We are proud to support thousands of students to succeed in college with assistance from TMCF and the many opportunities they provide.


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