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How Social Media Marketing Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

These days, CEOs, VPs, and other B2B buyers make most of their purchasing decisions after being influenced by social media. According to statistics, companies that use social media have a 60% higher chance of closing sales than those that don’t. That is why intelligent marketers spend over $1.8 billion per year on social media marketing for their businesses.

Social media marketing is more than just a way to reach customers, it's a way to grow your business, connect with clients, and provide them with the content they need for their businesses.

The benefits of using social media in your marketing strategy

Social media marketing is a way to use social media platforms like Linkedin to reach your target audience. It's not just about posting content, but also using these platforms strategically to build an audience around your business.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, which focus on reaching large groups with impersonal communications, social media marketing focuses on building relationships and trust at the individual level. With social media marketing, you can communicate directly with your customers, so they get a better understanding of what you do and why they should choose your company over the competition.

Social media also allows you to listen to what people are saying about your business online.

Another beautiful thing about social media is that you don't only get to share posts. You can also run various forms of targeted ads to ensure you're reaching the right audience in every location on the planet.

“There are several creative ways you can use a combination of organic and paid social media strategies to build your business and your brand. By creating enriching experiences and impactful stories, you can drive real interest in the services or products you offer,” says LaNell Angerstein, Executive Director of 6 Degrees Media & Marketing. “Here at 6 Degrees, we help businesses build an authentic social media and content strategy to improve their digital marketing efforts and create long-lasting connections with their audience. “

Various ways you can use social media for your business

Social media marketing, when done right, can serve as a distribution channel for your content, improve your website traffic, allow you to partner with influencers, and listen to unfiltered information from your customers.

Creates a content distribution channel

Social media is a great place to distribute your content. As you share links to your content on social media, it becomes a convenient way for your readers to access your latest blog posts, videos, and other forms of content. It also makes it easier for them to share the content with their peers and increase your visibility beyond your current audience.

Improves your website traffic

As people are reading and sharing your posts, it'll help improve your website traffic and your ranking on search engines, like Google. Social media is all about liking, commenting, and sharing content with others. When users like and share your posts, it can bring in an influx of new visitors who might not have seen your website before. Comments bring new audiences and also provide a “dialogue” between you and potential customers, and improve their experience. Once you win over your audience, you will create a loyal community that will keep coming back for more of your content.

Discovers new advertising streams

You can also partner with influencers in the industry to promote your content. Social media influencers are treated like celebrities because they have such a large following.

Their followers think of them as industry experts and normally take their advice as gospel truth. So if they share your content on their accounts, it'll give you a surge in traffic as well as credibility. This is a great way to get your message out there and have it reach a wider audience. The more people are exposed to what you're sharing, the better chance you have of making an impact on your business.

Social media can also help you perform grassroots marketing. Grassroots marketing is a form of advertisement where you target a small and specific audience for your campaigns. This type of campaign aims to make specific people take a particular action.

Once you've selected the influencers to partner with, incorporate them into a grassroots marketing campaign and encourage them to share your content.

You can further entice and motivate them to share by offering affiliate links and commissions. When done right, this kind of strategy and partnership would be all you'll need to drive tons of unlimited traffic to your brand and business

Allows you to talk directly to customers (or potential customers)

Building and maintaining an online community is one of the most effective ways to create a deeper understanding and connection with your customers. It helps you to stay in touch with your target audience, track their customer journey, and to provide them with the kind of content they are looking for. It also allows you to listen to what they have to say, which will help you identify any issues or areas where improvements can be made.

When done right, social listening can help you understand what your customers want from your brand and how they perceive it. This way, you'll be able to make changes based on feedback and improve experiences with your company's products or services. Social media communities allow you to use questions, surveys, and polls to gather information about what customers or potential customers are looking for or want.

Listening to your customers gives you a snapshot of their interests and interactions with you or your competitors. This information can help guide product development, advertising campaigns, and customer service. The possibilities are endless!

With this knowledge, you can start creating content that's more relevant to their needs.


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