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Google Ads Launches New Gemini-Powered AI Campaign Creation Tool

Google has integrated its new Gemini AI into its Google Ads Campaign creation tool to help streamline and refine campaign creations, but what’s it all about?

Google has taken a big step forward, integrating its most powerful AI model, Gemini, into Google Ads to assist customers in creating more streamlined, faster, more accurate, and more efficient campaigns.

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“Generative AI can empower advertisers from streamlining campaign creation to increasing the effectiveness of ads as the consumer Search experience evolves. Last year, we introduced a new era of AI-powered ads along with a commitment to ensuring advertisers have the opportunity to reach potential customers along their search journeys. Today, we’re sharing an update on our progress,” said Shashi Thakur, Vice President and General Manager of Google Ads.

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Gemini AI Is the Latest Development in Ad Creation 

In their recent update, Thakur said, “We’ve been actively testing Gemini to further enhance our ads solutions. And, we’re pleased to share that Gemini is now powering the conversational experience. It’s the first of many Gemini integrations to come.” 

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It’s expected that by implementing Gemini AI into their Google Ads campaign creation, users can create search advertising campaigns that consistently deliver better results and a higher ROI. 

A significant focus for the team at Google when developing Gemini was its conversational ability. The new tool will combine the user’s experience with Gemini’s advanced capability to deliver a better campaign to reach the target demographic and provide a higher ad conversion rate.

By starting with your website URL, Gemini will help create fully optimized Google Search Ad campaigns based on relevant content and keywords sourced directly from your website content.

“Over the last few months, we’ve been testing the conversational experience with a small group of advertisers. We observed that it helps them build higher-quality Search campaigns with less effort. One of the ways we measure this is with a metric called Ad Strength that looks at the relevance, quality, and diversity of your ad copy and gives you a score from Poor all the way up to Excellent.”

Over 80% of businesses globally use Google Ads to advertise their products or services, which makes sense considering that almost 93% of searches occur on Google.

Access to Google’s Conversational Ad Creation Tool is Currently Open to English-speaking advertisers in the UK and US.

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Currently, access to Google’s Conversational Ad Creation Tool is available to all English-speaking advertisers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Still, Google is expected to roll out global access to the new program in the coming weeks.

Along with rolling out global access to the new AI Ad Creation Tools, Google is also working on enabling access to other languages.

Google’s data shows that small businesses that advertise using the conversational experience in Google Ads are 42% more likely to achieve Search Campaigns with either ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ Ad Strength, which Google has found to correlate directly with conversions.

Forget the Stress of Creating High-Quality Images to Go with Your Google Ad Campaign

It’s not just words that the new AI program will assist you with. 

“As Search becomes more visual, we’ve heard advertisers tell us that it can be challenging to create compelling images that drive performance. That’s why we designed the conversational experience to suggest images tailored to your campaign using generative AI and images from your landing page. This capability will be added over the coming months. Advertisers approve assets — including images — before the campaign goes live.”

For many people, creating high-quality images or graphics to accompany their ads can be a significant hurdle to overcome. Thanks to the new Gemini AI tool, advertisers will be shown recommended images to go along with their ads but will still have the final approval over what images are shown in conjunction with their ads.

Gemini-Powered AI Campaign Creation Tool and the Future of Google Ads

Like many others, Google is fully embracing the potential of AI to provide more value to consumers and advertisers. However, they’re not moving into AI technology blindly.

Google aims to develop its AI tools responsibly, in line with its AI Ethics and Principles policy outlined in 2018.

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