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Our Conscious Company Culture

The 6° Media team is a proud supporter of the Conscious Culture pledge. We are committed to the values of Conscious Culture in our work from anywhere, remote-first women-owned business. Proudly putting our values to work by putting our staff, first.

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Meet Our Awesome Team


LaNell Angerstein

Executive Director / CEO

LaNell Angerstein leads 6° Media. Her marketing projects have won several industry awards, and her inventiveness has helped us gain valuable recognition. She can be your go-to for design, social copy, infographics, defining the audience, market behavior, analytics, organic growth, paid social, recruiting, and problem-solving…just to name a few. She has directed strategies for companies like Samsung, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Flagship Inc., etc. She currently consults for MarketerHire, the #1 fractional platform for marketing experts representing the top 5% of talent globally. She currently ranks in the top 3% of their network.

Click here to view our Executive Director's resume.


Sharon Glenn, MBA

Chief Content Officer (Fractional) / Cofounder

There's a saying in our office. "Just ask, Sharon!" No matter the subject, Sharon seems to always know how to find the answer. Sharon is a succinct, inventive content wizard. Her ability to drive value, regardless of the subject, is truly exceptional. Her astute knowledge of her audience's needs translates well for any digital media, whether it's web copy, blogs, gated white papers, case studies, press releases, user research surveys, or email marketing. She has 15+ years in marketing and has worked for companies like ToyotaBlucora, TransAmerica, Flagship Inc., etc.


Steven Groves

Director of Web Development (Fractional)

Steven is a software engineer passionate about UX, product design, & digital marketing. He weaves innovative application development & product design through market research, branding, motion graphics, content, & SEO. He is passionate about solving problems & bridging the gap between user needs & business strategy. He brings 6+ years in freelance creative and technical projects. He is a current full-time lead software engineer at Leverege leading projects for companies like Cox Health (Cox Prosight) Recovr, and Indosat.

Click here to view his resume.

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Selena (Nicky) Bowmann

Lead Digital Content Specialist

Nicky is a can-do, highly motivated marketer who assists our leadership in creating marketing masterpieces for all digital content and acting as the team project lead. They are trained in Social Media Management, hold various Hubspot Certifications, and hold a business education from TCCD. They are an expert in the retail industry, Gen Z motivations, frontline employees comms, and DI&E. With their background in research, they are a lightning-fast learner with a thirst for more practical knowledge in marketing. They are passionate about our mission to create empathic marketing supporting education and human rights.

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Clayton Hobbs

Senior Copywriter

Clayton grew up in Australia⁠—traveling extensively between the United States, Canada, and Australia. (He can write in either US English or standard English.) He has ghost-written over 1 million words for industry projects and co-wrote many published books. In addition to contracting for 6 Degrees, he owns and operates Author Services Australia, a self-publishing company designed to assist authors in self-publishing their books.

Jasmyn Etheridge.png

Jasmyn Etheridge

Project Coordinator Trainee - Creative Media

Jasmyn Etheridge is a recent business administration graduate with a concentration in marketing and strong art background. She focuses on immersive virtual spaces for innovative fashion, art design, and entertainment. She has a deep love for emerging tech & visually dynamic media. She enjoys driving effective ROI through the creative implementation of design thinking into social media projects. In addition, she is an expert in graphic design, design management & social media management for small businesses & startups.


Blake Von

Marketing Analytics Consultant

Blake is a strategic and analytical data professional with a proven ability to communicate with both technical professionals and everyday folks. He delivers results involving tools such as SQL Server, Power BI, Python, Tableau, Google Analytics, & Advanced Excel. He strives to provide highly customized reporting solutions for complex business logic. Most importantly, he is a people person with a customer-first mindset! He will always ask you how your day is going and deeply care for your business needs. He currently serves as a digital analyst for Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm.


Anna Feferman

SEO & UX Consultant

Anna is a motivated, solution-focused individual passionate about promoting B2B and B2C services and products. She has excellent communication skills and the ability to find an individual approach to every project. She deeply understands the development and execution of marketing strategies, brand and event management, SEO optimization, competitors’ analysis, and market research. She has strong leadership and management skills to direct cross-functional teams, with her most recent marketing role being at Existek Software. We are proud to have her assist our team in growing and building strong brand recognition for all our client accounts.


Sean Gleason

Marketing & Events Consultant

Sean is a self-motivated and dedicated professional with 10+ years of progressive experience in marketing, sales strategy, and business development. He has proven sales and account management ability, cultivating and maintaining business relationships with demonstrated success in customer service, events management, and product presentation. He has driven excellence in the global marketing space at Samsung Electronics and various other marketing agencies. He has partnered with us for creative support and event management.

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Lissa Ruiz, MBA

Digital Marketing Consultant

Lissa is a multi-lingual marketing professional with a passion for digital marketing & social media. She worked with local firms like The Barron Arts Center as well as multi-national corporations, like Roc Nation (Parent: Live Nation Entertainment) growing their online presence and maintaining top-of-mind brand awareness to consumers. She has extensive knowledge in digital marketing, social media, sales, branding, email marketing, SEO, & more.

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What We Do

Innovative strategies with a soul.

Your business is only 6° away from a meaningful connection – and the team at 6° Media will create and grow those connections to build your brand’s following and drive results. Our team develops marketing strategies that focus on real people, real stories, and real soul.

You’ll receive made-to-order media that will spotlight your company’s values and create personal connections with your audience. You’ll receive posts and content that will educate your audiences with real topics they can enjoy—not just bore them with another washed-up sales pitch or corporate mantra. We are here for you!

With 6° Media, all your creative and strategic marketing needs will be taken care of so you can focus on running your business and discovering its full potential. You’ll receive a completely customized experience with one-of-a-kind designs and tailor-made content that will generate authentic, accessible digital marketing that scales with business objectives—large or small.

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