Meet Our Awesome Team


LaNell Angerstein

Executive Director

LaNell Angerstein leads of 6° Media. Her marketing projects have won a number of industry awards and her creativity has helped us gain valuable recognition. She can be your go-to for design, social copy, infographics, defining the audience, market behavior, analytics, organic growth, paid social, recruiting, and problem-solving…just to name a few. She has directed strategies for companies like Samsung, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Flagship Inc., etc. She currently consults for MarketerHire, the #1 freelancing platform for marketing experts representing the top 5% of freelance talent globally.


Our Conscious Company Culture

The 6° Media team is a proud supporter of the Conscious Culture pledge. We are committed to the values of Conscious Culture in our work from anywhere, remote-first women-owned business. Proudly putting our values to work by putting our staff, first.

conscious culture pledge 6 degrees media

What We Do

Innovative strategies with a soul.

Your business is only 6° away from a meaningful connection – and the team at 6° Media will create and grow those connections to build your brand’s following and drive results. Our team develops marketing strategies that focus on real people, real stories, and real soul.

You’ll receive made-to-order media that will spotlight your company’s values and create personal connections with your audience. You’ll receive posts and content that will educate your audiences with real topics they can enjoy—not just bore them with another washed-up sales pitch or corporate mantra. We are here for you!

With 6° Media, all your creative and strategic marketing needs will be taken care of so you can focus on running your business and discovering its full potential. You’ll receive a completely customized experience with one-of-a-kind designs and tailor-made content that will generate authentic, accessible digital marketing that scales with business objectives—large or small.

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