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Pinterest Strategies for B2B Marketers

How Pins Can Give a Massive Boost to your Business

Pinterest can potentially skyrocket your website traffic by a whopping 1,937%. In recent years, Pinterest has risen as a large SEO-driven search platform with an excellent user base. Users search for products, ideas, recipes, and advice just like they search on Google in the form of keywords. However, Pinterest search results can lead traffic directly to your landing page, website, or subscription form.

Creating a Marketing Strategy for Pinterest is highly recommended, considering that 89% of Pinterest's population uses the platform to get inspiration for purchases.

Audience Analysis

The number of people who use Pinterest is growing and is about to surpass 433 million. When devising a marketing strategy for your business on Pinterest, it is important to identify your target audience’s demographics and interests. Understanding your audience and what they are searching for will enable you to tailor your marketing strategy, message, and the campaigns around them.

Goal Setting

Just like understanding your audience, setting the end goal is an essential step of a Pinterest strategy too. You need to consider what you are going to achieve and answer questions similar to these.

  • Do you want to create awareness about your brand?

  • Are you looking for a quicker conversion of your offer?

  • Do you wish to generate traffic to your website for the short term?

  • Do you want to generate traffic for your website on a long-term and ongoing basis?

Paid vs. Organic Campaign

For a successful organic campaign, it is recommended to create pins and engage with the users continuously. Doing this will gradually build your audience, and your pins will start to rank in searches.

However, sometimes you may need to run paid campaigns to build an audience or reach short-term goals.

For example, if you are going to run a campaign that adds subscribers to your mailing list over a specific period or you wish to boost sales during a seasonal promotion, then you should consider running a paid campaign. As a result, promoted pins will be shown on the top whenever a user searches for a certain query.

To generate traffic for your website on a long-term and ongoing basis, invest resources in pin creation and schedule them continuously. Ideally, a combination of both organic and paid pins will suit most businesses.

Own Boards vs. Group Boards

A Board is a place where you add new pins. You can create several boards related to your business and niche. It is highly recommended to join group boards that are relevant to your audience. The more you pin on all the boards, the more exposure your pins will get. You can place the same pin on all boards, including your board too. However, avoid duplicating the same pin in the same group because that would be considered spammy and can put your account in trouble.

How many times do you need to pin?

When you write a new blog on your website, aim to create at least 3 pins that link to the blog. Similarly, any update or product announcement should follow the same process. Apart from that, you can try a wide variety of ideas for design, inspiration, and creating pins around the services you offer. It is recommended to pin 3 to 4 times a day and post at least 5 pins per day for strong results.

What sort of tools do you need for Pinterest?

Pinterest has its own internal scheduler, which allows you to plan your pins. If you are looking for more robust and automated solutions, then there are awesome apps available too.

Two apps that are loved by the industry and work equally well are Sprout Social and Hootsuite. They are easy to learn, and they help you save time by scheduling your pins weeks ahead. It allows you to have a 'schedule it and forget it' type of system, and that can be ideal for Pinterest, considering how important it is to pin regularly. If you are looking for a relatively more affordable solution, then Tailwind is also an option.

Not everyone is a designer and creating eye-catching pins with the right balance of text, colors, design, space, and dimensions can get tricky. But Canva provides a brilliant solution, and with its help, you can create amazing pins in no time, even if you don’t have strong design skills.

Consistency is the key

Pinterest can be an excellent source of extra traffic for your business website. If used systematically and consistently, it has the potential to be a great source of driving traffic to your site, products, or services.

Don’t wait. Start implementing a Pinterest Marketing strategy for your business. It will help you create a unique fanbase on Pinterest in the form of followers. When you are consistently putting new pins, it will improve your brand awareness with your target audience and generate new traffic to your business.


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