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The Future of Marketing: Can Ai and Humans Coexist?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Social media, digital marketing, and Artificial Intelligence are transforming the way businesses market themselves. With more than 2 billion people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so much of our internet traffic being created by bots in 2020—you have to wonder if Digital Marketing will be human or AI-driven in the future? Digital Marketing is transitioning from a business strategy to an industry where humans can coexist with Artificial Intelligence. That said, let's not forget about the serious darkside of Ai generated content manipulating public opinion and spreading misinformation.

What do you think? How does your current marketing stack up against this vision of Digital Marketing in 2022?

Will Ai Take Over The Marketing Profession?

If you have ever used Ai-powered tools, you know that Ai is not creative. It cannot come up with ideas or strategies on its own and, as a result, needs humans to work hand-in-hand with Ai to deliver effective outcomes. It is important to remember that AI works best when it is used to amplify human interaction, not replace it. Digital marketing will still require human interaction for creativity and strategy; however, AI will take over many of the tasks that are currently being done by humans—such as digital marketing automation, digital content organization, media scheduling, and digital distribution.

How Does Ai Make Us Better Marketers?

AI has clear advantages for digital marketing professionals. Namely, its ability to scale and process large amounts of data quickly. With more data available than ever before, businesses need a tool that can help them make sense of it all, and AI is perfectly crafted for the task. Further, the future of digital marketing will rely heavily on data-driven decisions and AI will be critical in helping businesses make these decisions.

Another advantage of AI is that it can help businesses target their customers more effectively. By analyzing a customer's purchase history, social media activity, website behavior, and demographic information—AI can create digital marketing that is more personalized to the customer, thereby creating far more effective marketing.

Ai is able to gather data faster than humans, it has real-time sentiment analysis which will allow digital marketers to respond quickly and accurately in any situation; for example, a negative comment on social media or an unresponsive client emailing a digital marketer. Digital marketers will be able to use ai-generated data in order to create more intelligent marketing campaigns in seconds.

Marketers can use ai-generated data to create personalized digital marketing campaigns that are more valuable for the client. Ai is also able to automate tedious digital marketing tasks such as updating all of a company's social media platforms or posting on multiple accounts at once, which saves time and resources.

The Human Element: Is Ai Just Another Digital Marketing Tool?

At its heart, marketing relies on the science of people, not computer science. Plus, Ai measures patterns, not people. The best digital marketing will always be crafted by human-focused and relatable stories, not robotic snippets. In short, digital marketing needs creativity in order to make it engaging and meaningful, which Ai cannot achieve without our influence.

Therefore, there is no way for Ai-generated digital marketing to replace human marketers. (At least, not any time soon.) H2H marketing always converts better—even a bot could tell you that. - Jarvis

However, Ai can augment digital marketer's skills by taking care of the time-consuming parts of marketing. Digital marketers spend hours trying to analyze complicated reports generated by their digital marketing software or tools—Ai does it instantly!

Digital marketers can use Ai to help them cut through the noise and provide insights that matter most—helping businesses become more efficient in their digital marketing efforts.

Simply, Ai proves to be just another digital marketing tool that will allow digital marketing teams to do more in less time for an even better return on investment (ROI).

How Ai Expands Digital Marketing Potential

Ironically, Ai may pose as an opportunity for digital marketers to get back to their human roots—the parts of marketing that make it a rewarding and unique career. It seems, with all its ominous overtones, that Artificial Intelligence is a digital marketing tool, not a digital marketer.

In fact, because Ai can gather data faster than humans, it also allows the human aspect of digital marketing—creativity and personalization—to take center stage in ways that it never has before—putting better human ideas into marketing for humans. This very well could mean that, with the help of Ai, digital marketing will become more human than ever before.

The Future Is Now: Let's Make Friends With Ai!

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving industry and Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming an essential part of it. As more and more businesses adopt Ai into their digital marketing strategies, digital marketers must learn to use this technology in order to keep up.

Digital marketing is rapidly becoming a craft of weaving human intuition and ai-generated data-driven strategies to personalized an experience for each customer or client.

While some may worry that the introduction of AI will mean the replacement of human digital marketing professionals, many creative professionals do not believe this to be the case. However, Ai can help digital marketers do their job more efficiently, effectively, and creatively by taking care of the time-consuming tasks that marketers would normally have to do manually.

Yes, we use Ai marketing to help our team.

Why chose us?

At 6° Media, we embrace change. We live at the forefront of technology and human creativity. That's why our services weave ai efficiency with human creativity to help brands find their voice, tell their story, and reach out to consumers in ways that matter most.

We are a different kind of marketing agency —the one who crafts marketing that gives your brand a soul humans can relate to, not just that bots can read.

Are your campaigns feeling a little flat or robotic? Take a moment to schedule a free consultation. We are here to use our skilled team to put the human touch back in your marketing without fear of the opportunities and value Ai can bring.

Ps: As proof of our lack of fear of Ai, we wrote this copy using Jarvis, our personal writing assistant. He is a great help at creating writing structure, but all the ideas are 100% human.

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